well that explains it…a deep subject

I’m an empath.  Ok, that may be a bit of an overstatement but I’ve recently become aware that I’m, well, aware. 

A few years ago I was at a conference and hanging out with friends in my hotel room after a session.  I was drifting off to sleep and had what I thought was a dream (I am an excellent r.e.m. -er) of people running in a field with flashlights.  Turns out that my (then underaged) daughter was at a field party that was raided by the police that very night.

More recently I felt a strong sense that “something was going on” with a friend who lives four states away.  Phone call.  No answer.  Later that day I received an email that he had had a serious accident at work that day.  Stranger still was that my reaction to reading this news was to double over in my chair and moan.

I began this journey of discovery at a recent EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) training session during which the practitioner pointed out that I was “very sensitive to energy flow.”  Ok.  Fast forward to yesterday when I was reading a blog about empaths.  I couldn’t relate to most of it and therefore dismissed the notion that it had anything to do with me. 

This morning, however, it occurs that this sensitivity to energy could explain why there have been times as a teacher that I have felt so overwhelmed to the point of having to step out of the room to collect myself.  An empath, no matter how low-level, in a room full of hormonal, angst-filled, angry, agitated adolescents!  Oh my! It’s a wonder I didn’t go screaming down the hallway!

So what do I do with this insight?  My first thought was to stop even trying to return to the classroom.  A better idea is to learn more about this phenomenon and to become even more aware of this new awareness in the service of others.


About Karen Nicholson

“Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.” ~ John Milton Writing about these moments of awe has been a driving force of my life for, well, as long as I can remember. Coupled with a devotion to sunrises and sunsets that defies explanation, a combination of the two seemed like the right thing to do. I welcome you to my world. May it be a blessing to yours.
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2 Responses to well that explains it…a deep subject

  1. Bob Trost says:

    Amazing gift and I think your instincts on service to others is correct. However, let’s make sure that thoughts about me are happy ones in and involve winning the lottery etc.

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